Tax Relief Tune-Up

Are you starting to stress about falling behind with the IRS? Maybe you’re a year or two behind on filing your taxes and you want to get back on track before you get into real trouble - if so, ATBS can help!

If you feel like you’re falling behind, it’s time to take action and fix it before it becomes a major issue.  Our Tax Relief Tune-Up program is designed to save you from a full-blown rebuild of your tax engine!

We want to put the IRS in your rearview mirror and take the stress of taxes out of your life. That starts with getting you caught up on filing, and if needed, negotiating with the IRS on any balances due.

Here is what we can do for you

Services include:

  • Tax Diagnostic Report
  • Expert-led IRS Negotiation
  • Guidance on Compliance Adherence

We want to diagnose your tax engine first - we want to make sure we fix EVERYTHING that’s wrong, so you don’t have to do this again! - before we start filing your taxes and begin negotiating with the IRS.

We will pull your Tax Diagnostic Report from the IRS, and then we’ll build a plan to catch you up on tax filing once we know for sure what’s wrong with your tax engine. Once that’s done, if needed, we’ll go to bat for you and negotiate with the IRS to try and reduce your balance and put a payment plan in place.

Who is this service for:

  • Drivers who are caught up on filing their taxes, but have a balance due to the IRS of more than $25,000
    • If you owe more than $25,000 to the IRS, we recommend letting an ATBS expert handle your negotiation!
  • Drivers who are 1 or 2 years behind on filing their tax returns
    • Yes, you’re behind! But, if you get ahead of this by filing your taxes and negotiating (if needed) with the IRS, you can “Tune-Up” your tax engine before it breaks down entirely!

For pricing and additional details, please fill out our form, or call 866-920-2827!

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