Find out how this bill will affect you!

In December of 2017, Congress passed the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" bill which resulted in several significant changes to U.S. tax code. As the leading tax and accounting company in the transportation industry, ATBS has developed an in-depth analysis of how this bill will affect taxes for owner-operator truck drivers.

Our eBook will answer common questions, including:

  • Is per diem going away?
  • Will I be charged a penalty for not having health insurance?
  • Will I get a tax cut?
  • Is now the right time to incorporate my trucking business?
  • Is it time to buy a new truck or expand my fleet?
  • How much is the new child tax credit?
  • Will alimony and child support be deductible expenses? 

We hope that this information will help alleviate some of the confusion and misconceptions associated with these recent tax code changes. 

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